Coffee and Condolences

Miles Alexander had it all. A loving wife, beautiful children.

When his family is killed in a car accident, the settlement leaves him enriched beyond his wildest dreams but crippled by guilt.

After trying to commit suicide and failing miserably, he lands in the office of Dr. Susan Felt, a no nonsense psychiatrist with a knack for helping grieving patients rebuild their lives. It’s here that he’s inspired to fly to New York City and reconnect with his long estranged step-sister. His trip is simple until he wanders into a coffee shop and meets Melody, a beautiful, free spirited barista who takes her cues from the universe. But she has a secret of her own, and the reality of it just might push an already unsteady Miles over the edge.

Read this book now because if there is any fairness in this world, your kids will be reading Wes Parker in their contemporary lit classes someday.

Lauren H. Mae, author of The Catch and The Rules

“An insightful story of mourning, self-discovery, and learning to love again. Wesley Parker captures the frailties of men in crisis and takes the reader along a moving journey that is emotionally raw and full of humor.”

—Matthew Hanover, author of Not Famous and Not Dressed

“Wesley Parker’s debut novel is nothing short of amazing. His depiction of grieving and picking up the pieces after a tragedy is spot on.”

Ian Shane, author of Postgraduate and Radio, Radio

A compelling story of working through grief and finding love.

—Amazon Review

This was such a fantastic read! I seriously couldn’t put it down! I felt so much reading this, all the highs and all the lows. 

—Amazon Review
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