Headphones and Heartaches Charity Pledge

This book started out as my way of dealing with my own emotions that I had buried after I emancipated out of foster care. Growing up, I could never find a book that had an accurate portrayal of foster children, so I wanted to write a book that dived into the emotions of kids that you walk by everyday without a thought to their living situation.

Kids like me

As I researched how things had changed since I emancipated, I found myself frustrated because things had only seemed to have gotten worse, and I wanted to help impact lives on a deeper level than just raising awareness. Anyone can write a book, but what’s the use in bringing awareness if you just slink back into your comfortable life. So I decided to give half of every book sold to Camp to Belong River Valley.

Camp to Belong River Valley is a 100% volunteer based organization that hosts events for siblings separated by foster care. This isn’t for a limited time. As long as Headphones and Heartaches is selling, the organization will benefit.

You can visit their website at www.ctbrivervalley.org. You can learn more about the mission as well as stay up to date with the different happenings with the organization. Physical copies will be available on day one if that is your preference. Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you’ll help me impact lives on July 13th.

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